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High-quality retaining walls in Adelaide

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Alongside our popular fence products, we have under fence retaining walls to go with them. Easysleeper (Easy Plinth Sleeper) can be applied to Good Neighbour Fencing and a variety of other styles to increase stability and extend lifespan.

The concrete plinths are designed to slide into the foundation groves already cut into the fence, shown in some of our photos.

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These retaining walls provide the perfect solution to fence longevity by supporting the steel frame and covering the base. Decreasing the area of the fence material resting on the ground protects the base from rust, rot, and even pest interference. As with all retaining walls, our under fence walls complement the original installation nicely and can be coloured either concrete, sandstone, or charcoal to match or contrast.

Man vs Fence focusses on ease of installation and quality of material. The under fence retaining walls we supply promise the utmost integrity for a reasonable, one-time investment. Producing a sleek overall appearance, these concrete plinths are a worthwhile addition to any suitable domestic fencing. Contact Man vs Fence and we’ll discuss how Easysleeper retaining walls can improve your garden screens.

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