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Durable post and rail fencing in Adelaide

Post and rail fencing utilises the traditional stability of metal posts connecting each sheet. Although seemingly unaccommodating of awkward terrain, post and rail fencing can be modified for height. Whether on flat or sloping ground, post and rail fencing can be lifted and lowered by sections, as seen in several of our photos. 

Furthermore, its rigidity and varying height makes it superb for properties in high wind areas. Between corrugated and TL-5/M-Clad as some of the most popular sheeting profiles, post and rail fencing offers fantastic sturdiness in heights of 900mm, 1200mm, 1500mm and 1800mm, with colours from Colorbond or Zincalume.

Post and rail fencing provides strength and security in many styles. Like all of the products Man vs Fence provides, it’s made from the highest quality materials and is guaranteed to last, serving as a one-time investment that won’t require further costly attention.

Get in touch with Man vs Fence to explore your post and rail fencing options. If you need installation services in Adelaide or other northern suburbs, we can visit your site and plan your fencing project to construct the best configuration for you.

Call 0435 052 914 and get a free quote for your fencing project.

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